Smart and professional business solutions

tizi gadgets are unique, smart and high quality; making them perfect for a business environment. 
Use them in the office, on a business trip, travelling in the car, or even as a stylish promotional gift for your customers or colleagues... The possibilities are endless.


tizi Turbolader

Park up and be ready to face the day with a fully charged smartphone and tablet. The tizi Turbolader charges USB devices 3x faster than your car's regular USB port, and supports up to 4 devices at once. Even with your GPS app running, the Turbolader will provide you with super quick charging speeds.

Perfectly suited for...

  • Taxi drivers / chauffeurs / driving teachers
    • We definitely find the Turbolader to be the best USB charging device for taxis or chauffeur services. Not only for the driver, but for the passenger too; offering the fastest charging power for all smartphones and tablets in the vehicle.
  • Car rentals / car sharing
  • Truck drivers / delivery workers
  • Fleet managers / company cars
  • Removal services
  • Caravan and RV rentals

from € 25.20 (net price)
RRP €29.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi Tankstation USB-C + 3 USB-A (75W)

The bestselling charging station, tizi Tankstation is now available with a super fast USB-C charging port, as well as an additional three high-power USB-A ports. The ultimate Apple charger for MacBook Pro, MacBook, iPhone and iPad. Perfect for the office!

Perfectly suited for...

  • Workstations in agencies
  • App developers testing software on multiple devices
  • Desks in larger offices
  • Schools / academies / educational centers
  • Exhibition stands
  • Waiting rooms

58.82 (net price)
RRP €69.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi Tankstelle

The multiple port charging station offers 10% more power and  intelligent Auto Max Power™ charging technology on every USB port. Slim enough for travel, classy enough for every public socket.

  • More Power: 5A total
  • Optimal charging speed: up to 2.4A per port
  • Easy plug-in design: 4 simultaneous USB ports
  • Quick charge check with soft LED status dots
  • Overload and overheating protection

"A gift with genuine value"
The successful marketing agency, team go direct decided to give their business partners an extra special treat for Christmas 2017 by gifting them over 150 tizi Tankstelle. Read the success story...

25.20 (net price)
RRP €29.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi Spiralkabel

The ultra-flexible cable with Lightning or Micro USB connector is stretchable from 30cm to 1m and is perfect for charging gadgets in the car or at the desk. tizi Spiralkabel charges your Lightning or Micro USB devices fast and safe via any USB port, and also supports efficient syncing with Mac, PC or laptop.

Perfectly suited for...

  • Taxi firms wanting to offer customers the opportunity to charge their gadgets
  • Conference rooms
  • Workstations
  • Counter tops
  • Hotel lounges
  • Exhibition stands

21.00 (net price)
RRP €24.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi flip ULTRA

tizi flip ULTRA guarantees Ultra fast charging: up to 50% in only 30 minutes!

  • Premium quality & Apple MFi certified
  • Genuine USB-C Power Delivery (PD)
  • Available in red or black
  • Choose from 50 cm, 1 m, or 2 m lengths

from € 16.80 (net price)
RRP €19.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi flip Micro USB

One of the most annoying connectors in the world: The Micro-USB connector. Small and fiddly, you never know which way to plug it in. Built-in to smartphones, power banks, E-book readers & speakers – almost every gadget uses Micro-USB. No more swapping and turning: The new tizi flip USB-A to Micro-USB cable. Both connectors are reversible, so they will work both ways. Simply plug in whichever way you want and enjoy top charging speeds.

  • Flip connector on both sides – designed to always fit
  • NEW Available as 1m, 2m, 15cm or 50cm
  • Choose your style: available in red and black
  • Charge and sync all Micro-USB devices

from € 8.39 (net price)
RRP €9.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi Schlitzohr

tizi Schlitzohr makes cable woes a thing of the past: With this clever cable, you'll always have the right charging connector handy – USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB. Thanks to unique, stackable adapters, you simply turn your cable into the perfect fit for your device.

  • 3-in-1 charging cable: USB-C, Lightning, Micro-USB
  • Officially "Made for iPhone, iPad (MFi)" certified
  • Data-support – sync your iOS or Android device
  • tizi Power Lanes for excellent charging speeds
  • One cable to rule them all – perfect for traveling

21.00 (net price)
RRP €24.99 (including V.A.T.)
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Stay organized

tizi Knubbi

No more cable chaos
Simply stick the cable organizer to your desk and keep your cables in place by fixing into the quick snap groove. Keep track of all your cables and never worry about them falling from your desk.

The ultimate little buddy for your tizi charging stations
What’s the point in having an awesome USB charging station if you can’t keep track of your power cable? The tizi Knubbis are a genius addition to your high-performance USB charging stations:  tizi Tankstelle, tizi Tankstation, tizi Turbolader and, of course, to the practical tizi flip cable.

Perfectly suited for...

  • Organizing cables in server rooms
  • Behind computers at workstations
  • In hotel rooms to organize cables behind the TV 
  • Showroom cabling
  • Exhibition stands
  • Counter tops

from € 8.39 (net price)
RRP €9.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi Simmelalbum 8x NANO

Store all your SIM cards safely together with your Amex and Visa cards in your wallet! The new tizi Simmelalbum 8x NANO has enough space for all of your nano SIM cards. Switch and swap whenever, wherever.

  • Organizer for 8 nano SIM cards
  • Useful credit card size
  • Glossy black finish

8.39 (net price)
RRP €9.99 (including V.A.T.)
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tizi Simmelalbum Universal

Convenient SIM card adapter set with secure storage for 4 SIM cards. Perfect accessory for travellers, commuters, business- and frequent travellers.

  • Universal: Designed for 3 nano SIM cards and 1 micro SIM card
  • Multifunctional: Comes with a SIM adapter set
  • Practical: SIM tool included
  • Super compact credit card size

8.39 (net price)
RRP €9.99 (including V.A.T.)
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