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tizi gadgets are unique, smart and high quality; making them perfect for a business environment. 
Use them in the office, on a business trip, travelling in the car, or even as a stylish promotional gift for your customers or colleagues... The possibilities are endless.

Say goodbye to charging cable chaos at work: the tizi Tankstation 4x Mega Toploader integrates directly in to your desk. Insert it into your existing cable organizer or easily create a new one. You can also integrate them in meeting rooms, assembly halls, conference stands, or in your waiting area as a helpful service for customers. The Tankstation 4x Mega Toploader offers 4x full USB power (up to 2.4 A per charging port) for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and automatically recognizes your device's charging port.

Perfectly suited for:

  • Interior designers
    • You can integrate the Tankstation 4x Mega directly into your furniture.
  • Office managers
    • Provide your staff with an organized workspace. The Tankstation 4x Mega puts a stop to cable chaos!
  • Hotels / Restaurants / Cafés
    • Make your guests' stay a little more comfortable. Whether it's in the hotel room, on the bar, or in the conference room, install the tizi Tankstation 4x Mega for ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • Doctors / Dentists / Hospital waiting rooms
    • Give your patients the opportunity to charge up at high speed. The Tankstation helps patients pass the time whilst waiting.
  • Event organizers
    • Install the Tankstation into conference stands or exhibition tables for super speedy charging at events.
  • Schools / Universities
    • Whether it's in the labs or in the computer room, thanks to its automatic electricity detection, the Tankstation can charge any device to its maximal performance.

24,00 (net price) | RRP 29,99 (including V.A.T.)


How you can boost your customer experience

Mondrian Suites

The Mondrian Suites hotel by Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin has decked out all of its suites with USB charging stations. All of their 130+ rooms now provide guests with four USB connections on the nightstand to quickly and conveniently charge their mobile devices.   


ExpoMarketing's expert team of innovative exhibit designers used the tizi Tankstation 4x MEGA Toploader to transform a regular piece of furniture into a super smart energy hotspot - providing their customers with a genius way to fuel up during a busy day of trading.

Stay connected at all times. With an extra power boost in your jacket or your handbag, you can always top up your charge when you're on the go. The tizi Flachmann stands out from the crowd with its ultra thin and lightweight design (only 8mm), and a stylish aluminum casing. Switches on automatically when connected.

Perfect for:

  • Lawyers / judges
  • Business commuters / consultants
  • Business trips / events / conferences
  • Field work / after-sales service 

29,40 (net price) | RRP 34,99 (including V.A.T.)


Park up and be ready to face the day with a fully charged smartphone and tablet. The tizi Turbolader charges USB devices 3x faster than your car's regular USB port, and supports up to 4 devices at once. Even with your GPS app running, the Turbolader will provide you with super quick charging speeds.

Perfectly suited for...

  • Taxi drivers / chauffeurs / driving teachers
    • We definitely find the Turbolader to be the best USB charging device for taxis or chauffeur services. Not only for the driver, but for the passenger too; offering the fastest charging power for all smartphones and tablets in the vehicle.
  • Car rentals / car sharing
  • Truck drivers / delivery workers
  • Fleet managers / company cars / removal services

25,20 (net price) | RRP 29,99 (including V.A.T.)


More useful accessories...

Super versatile: the tizi Flip cable family ranging from 10cm up to 3m – available in multiple colors.

The best addition to your keychain - mini charging cable for all USB connections: the tizi Schlingel can be used with iPhones and iPads (Lightning) as well as Android devices (Micro USB).

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