X-tra speedy power boost for your iPhone
tizi Turbolader 2x ULTRA

Ultrafast car charger with USB-C Power Delivery

In just 30 minutes you can bring your iPhone X from 0 to 50% battery power*. The ULTRA powered USB-C port even allows you to charge your MacBook and MacBook Air (2018) on the go for the first time ever! Your passengers can also enjoy an additional high speed USB-A port (max 2.4A) to charge standard USB devices.

  • The fastest tizi Turbolader yet (42W total)
  • Perfect for the new iPad Pro (2018) and MacBook Air (2018)
  • 100% Apple compatible USB-C charger (USB-C PD)
  • Flexible dual-charging engine: 2 in 1 charger, USB-C + USB-A
  • Optimal charging speeds thanks to tizi AUTO MAX POWER+
*when using an original Apple USB-C to Lightning cable

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Power meets style
tizi Turbo 3x BLACK Premium Edition

Premium car charger with 3 highspeed USB ports

Unleash your charging adrenaline: the award-winning tizi Turbolader car charger is now available in a luxurious Premium Edition. The stylish matte-black design and high-precision full metal finish house a high-performance chipset, boasting 7,2A and 36W.

  • Full Metal design: Precision-engineered aluminum body and charging head.
  • Elegant style: Matte-black body with chrome trim
  • Shock-absorbing design: extra secure plug mechanism
  • Power-transmission boost: optimized mass-spring system
  • Works with truck and boats: Supports 12V and 24V systems

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tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA
The elegant 2-seater in Rose Gold

The tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA charges smartphones and tablets up to 3x faster than the leading, integrated USB ports in cars, so you can arrive at work fully charged and ready to go! Even if you're driving with a running navigation app, your iPhone still charges!

  • Double power: 2 fast USB ports (2.4A per port, max. 4.8A)
  • Intelligent charging: Auto Max Power Technology
  • Design: Elegant aluminum head in Rose Gold

Cool style - turbo charge for your cockpit

tizi Turbolader 3x MEGA

USB car charger for super-fast Turbo-chargers

The streamlined powerhouse. Under the hood, the Turbolader 3x MEGA comes equipped with Auto Max Power™, guaranteeing an optimal charge for 3 USB devices. Your iPhone 6 will charge two times faster than with the original charging cable.

  • Multi-power: charge 3 USB devices simultaneously (up to 2.4A)
  • Intelligent: recognize the optimal charging speed for each device
  • Stylish design: slick red/silver aluminum finish

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Charge devices - Autobahn style

tizi Turbolader 4x MEGA

The USB car charger with 4 USB ports for the whole family

4x the charging power in your car. Shift into high gear, and charge 4 USB gadgets with high power at the same time. Start your engines and cruise the charging Autobahn at max speed with the monster truck of all car chargers!

  • 4X Power: 4 ultra fast charging ports (2.4A each port, total: 9.6A)
  • Intelligent charging assistant: tizi Auto Max Power™ Technology
  • Perfect cooling thanks to the large aluminum cooling-body

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Currently out of stock!
You'll be amazed by the high performance
tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA

Ultra fast 12V USB charger for your car

The tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA knows no limits, delivering a whopping 60 watts of power to your car's cockpit. Currently the most powerful USB charger for your car's cigarette lighter socket, delivering the maximum total of 12A to your devices. Charge up to five iPads super fast in your car.

  • 5x ultimate charging power: 5 USB ports (each 2.4A)
  • German Engineering: Incredible performance with an XXXL aluminum head 
  • Optimal speed on every port: tizi Auto Max Power Technology™

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tizi Querdenker/in Lightning

tizi Turbolader 3x
Compact, smart, fast - the original

With two high power and one full power USB port, you can cruise the charging highway without a worry. Charge iPads, iPhones, and Samsung Tabs with just as much power as if they were plugged into the wall socket.

  • Double turbo: 2x high power (up to 2.1A) for iPads and Galaxy Tabs
  • Charge 3 USB devices: simultaneously and with speed (5.1A)
  • High quality aluminum design with a wobble-free, firm grip


tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart
Jump-start help right out of the glove box

The battery for today's lifestyle: The tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart, not only charges iPhones and tablets, it has so much power, it can bring you car’s dead battery back to life. A brilliant life-hack: Just clip on the included jumper leads, charge, and start! Read why it’s better to “refresh” a car battery than to jump start it.

  • Ultra-Power: 44.4 Wh – charge an iPhone 6s up to 5 times
  • Emergency jumper kit: recharge your car’s battery
  • Mobile ready: Sleek aluminium body, mesh travel bag
  • LED torch with SOS function
  • Charge 2 gadgets (1x High Power, 1x Standard Speed)