The connection expert

tizi Schlitzohr makes cable woes a thing of the past: With this clever cable, you'll always have the right charging connector handy – USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB. Thanks to unique, stackable adapters, you simply turn your cable into the perfect fit for your device.

  • 3-in-1 charging cable: USB-C, Lightning, Micro-USB
  • Officially "Made for iPhone, iPad (MFi)" certified
  • Data-support – sync your iOS or Android device
  • tizi Power Lanes for excellent charging speeds
  • One cable to rule them all – perfect for traveling


This charging buddy will get you amped up!

You never know how important a Lightning cable is, until you forget it. This keychain charging cable will always be at your side. Open it with a twist of the protective aluminum cap and your lightning cable is ready to charge and sync - anywhere.

  • Super compact Lightning charging cable for your keychain
  • Official Made for iPhone accessory product
  • Extra sturdy: High quality workmanship for best charging speeds

Optimized for Speed-Charging

tizi Power Lanes are optimized for fast charging and designed with the latest Apple devices in mind. They're engineered using high-end copper braids, each made with 20 individual strands and wrapped in a highly-flexible, protective silicone chamber. 

No cable frays: The soft PVC coating offers secure insulation while also remaining highly flexible.

Don't flip out:
Embrace the charging cable with flip

NEW The ultra-compact, clippable charging cable with Micro USB for Androids, Go Pros and other cool gadgets. tizi Schlingel loves to hang around with you ...

  • Always in charge: clip it, use it, never lose it
  • Perfect match: available as Micro USB & Lightning
  • Flippin’ easy: reversible flip USB connector

Charging cable for the forgetful amongst us

The tizi Schlingel is a USB Lightning cable with Flip technology, for power emergencies while on the go. It's also really handy. Both ends interlock, turning the tizi Schlingel into a loop that can easily be attached to a keychain, backpack, or carry-on suitcase for easy access.

A flippin' practical double- sided USB cable. No matter how you turn it, flip always fits. There is no up or down. Any way you stick it in, it's right!