Say Goodbye to Cable Chaos!

No more cable chaos
Introducing the brand new tizi Knubbis. Your little helpers, here to make your life tangle-free! Simply stick the cable organizer to your desk and keep your cables in place by fixing into the quick snap groove. Keep track of all your cables and never worry about them falling from your desk.

The ultimate little buddy for your tizi charging stations
What’s the point in having an awesome USB charging station if you can’t keep track of your power cable? The tizi Knubbis are a genius addition to your high-performance USB charging stations:  tizi Tankstelle, tizi Tankstation, tizi Turbolader and, of course, to the practical tizi flip cable.


tizi Knubbi Classic
Keep your cables in check

Doctor tizi's instructions are as follows: stick four tizi Knubbis around your home and office to ensure a healthy cable-life balance at all times.

  • Multipack: 4 Knubbi Classics in one box: 2 red, 2 black
  • Perfect for tizi flip: Fits cables from 3mm to 7mm in size
  • Double the hold: Each Knubbi comes with 2 holder notches
  • Can also be used as...
    • Doorstop
    • Penholder
    • Cable organizer for your GPS 
    • Photo stand
    • In-car coin holder


tizi Knubbi Macaron
The petite cable organizer

The Knubbi's small and stylish cousin, tizi Knubbi Macaron has two grooves for cables and even looks great in your living room.

  • Multipack: 2 black and 2 red Knubbis in one pack
  • Perfect for tizi flip: for 1.5 - 4mm diameter
  • Twice as good: 2 cable grips per Knubbi
  • Can also be used as:   
    • Doorstop
    • Cable organizer for your GPS 
    • Photo clip (e.g. to stick photos to your refrigerator)


tizi Knubbi 4er
Don't get your wires crossed

The perfect solution for multiple cables. tizi Knubbi 4er holds four cables - great for under the table or behind the TV.

  • 2 black tizi Knubbi 4er in a pack
  • Perfect for tizi flip: for 1.5 - 4mm diameter
  • The foam sticker on the back ensures the Knubbi will always stay fixed in place on your desk, wall, or car dashboard
  • Also perfect as rubber feet for larger objects


tizi L÷ckchen
The eco-friendly cable tie

The ultimate cable tie: Simply wrap around your cable to keep it tidy, and unwind whenever you need. No scissors necessary! Use over and over again.

  • 3 Knubbi Löckchen in a pack: 2x black und 1x red
  • Cable organization for at home and on the go
  • Shorten long cables by winding them up