Cable keeps fraying? Time to turn a corner!
tizi Querdenker/in

The fray-proof-cable with an angled Lightning connector

tizi Querdenker/in has a right angle connector with a Lightning plug – helps prevent cables fraying when you’re charging in bed, on the sofa, when holding your device…

  • Angled connector
  • Premium materials and build: Aluminum-connector in Monza Red
  • Soft braided fabric cover
  • Charges and syncs your devices
  • Officially certified as "Made for Apple"
  • Length: 2m

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tizi flip

tizi flip Lightning
Lightning cable with Flip USB

Many USB cables suffer from being twisted and tangled, sometimes having to be flipped over multiple times until they finally fit. Some cables are too long, while others are much too short. 

The tizi flip family of cables is the solution to this predicament. tizi flip cables are now available in a variety of colors and lengths, from 4 inches to 9.8 feet (3 meters) - ideal for all aspects of daily life.

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Currently out of stock!