Cable keeps fraying? Time to turn a corner!
tizi Querdenker/in

The fray-proof-cable with an angled Micro USB connector

tizi Querdenker/in has a right angle connector with a Micro USB plug – helps prevent cables fraying when you’re charging in bed, on the sofa, when holding your device…

  • Angled connector
  • Premium materials and build: Aluminum-connector in Monza Red
  • Soft braided fabric cover
  • Charges and syncs your devices
  • Length: 2m

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The most frustrating cable in the world has been fixed
tizi flip Micro USB

tizi flip
Micro USB cable

One of the most annoying connectors in the world: The Micro-USB connector. Small and fiddly, you never know which way to plug it in. Built-in to smartphones, power banks, E-book readers & speakers – almost every gadget uses Micro-USB. No more swapping and turning: The new tizi flip USB-A to Micro-USB cable. Both connectors are reversible, so they will work both ways. Simply plug in whichever way you want and enjoy top charging speeds.

  • Flip connector on both sides – designed to always fit
  • NEW Available as 1m, 2m, 15cm or 50cm
  • Choose your style: available in red and black
  • Charge and sync all Micro-USB devices

tizi Knubbi
Handy cable organizers
tizi Tankstelle
Compact adapter for all your devices
Currently out of stock!
tizi Schlitzohr
The connection expert

tizi Schlitzohr makes cable woes a thing of the past: With this clever cable, you'll always have the right charging connector handy – USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB. Thanks to unique, stackable adapters, you simply turn your cable into the perfect fit for your device.

  • 3-in-1 charging cable: USB-C, Lightning, Micro-USB
  • Officially "Made for iPhone, iPad (MFi)" certified
  • Data-support – sync your iOS or Android device
  • tizi Power Lanes for excellent charging speeds
  • One cable to rule them all – perfect for traveling

Available in these variants...
tizi Schlitzohr
1m, red
tizi Schlitzohr
1m, black
Currently out of stock!
Currently out of stock!

tizi Spiralkabel
As flexible as you need it to be

Cable never seems to be the right length? This is:

  • Stretchable: From 30cm up to 1m (max. 1.4m)
  • Get it right first try – with tizi flip reversible USB plugs
  • Charges and syncs your devices
  • Red or black color options


tizi Schlingel
Charging cable for the forgetful amongst us

  • Functional fashion accessory: Keyring with integrated USB cable (Micro-USB) for Android fans
  • Always with you: Just pull and connect, your Micro USB cable is always ready to go
  • Flippin’ easy: Reversible USB connector fits both ways (Flip USB)