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tizi Tankstation PRO (107W) - 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A

Quadruple high power charging station with 2 USB-C Ports

Currently out of stock!

  • Two high-output PD ports (96W and 30W) provide enough power for MacBook Pro plus iPad or iPhone
  • Two additional USB-A ports
  • 100% USB-C Power Delivery with: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad & iPhone
  • e. g. Quickly charge MacBook Pro and iPad Pro simultaneously – with the tizi flip PRO (100W) USB-C cable
  • Compact size - thanks to GaN technology 
In some circumstances during use, audible charging sounds may be heard. This is normal and does not indicate any problems with the device.

The Tankstation PRO is compatible with all MacBook/MacBook Pro/iPad/iPhone models. MacBook Pro (2021) compatibility notice: Please use a USB-C cable for charging. The Tankstation PRO is not compatible with the proprietary Apple USB-C-to-MagSafe-3 cable.

tizi flip PRO (100W)
tizi flip ULTRA
Revolutionary technology: Two USB-C ports


Quickly charges an iPhone or iPad parallel with an Apple MacBook Pro, thanks to two powerful USB-C ports. Even two MacBooks can be charged at the same time – in combination with the tizi flip PRO (100W) USB-C to USB-C cable.
If that wasn’t enough, the tizi Tankstation PRO also provides two more additional USB-A ports for charging all your other gadgets!

Perfect for at home or on the go

Going on a trip? Thanks to GaN technology, the tizi Tankstation PRO has a compact and convenient design. Save on luggage space and bring just one adapter for up to four devices!
The power cable is also removable and can be swapped – perfect for travel abroad.

Another plus point:
The tizi Tankstation PRO is delivered in environmentally friendly, 100% plastic-free packaging!

Get your tizi Tankstation PRO today

Support a team of German developers with Apple geekness and a passion for building high quality products. 

What you get:
  • German production guarantee
  • Support without chatbots
  • Proper invoices, no tax scams!

tizi Tankstation PRO (107W) - 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A

Quadruple high power charging station with 2 USB-C Ports

Currently out of stock!

The perfect addition to the Tankstation PRO

tizi flip PRO (100W)
2 Meter USB-C Charging Power up to 100W

The tizi flip PRO USB-C to USB-C cable opens up a whole new world of charging speed:
With the 2m long cable, you can charge your devices at top speed – with up to 100W Power Delivery.

  • USB-C to USB-C with Power Delivery
  • USB-C PD charging with up to 100W
  • USB 3.1 data cable for USB-C sync (max. 10 Gbit/s)
  • Thunderbolt compatible (max. 20 Gbit/s)
  • Extra long: 2m for countless use cases