NEW GENERATION – Now available: Our best selling charging station, now in its 5th generation. Get the original. The multiple port charging station now offers 10% more power and  intelligent Auto Max Power™ charging technology on every USB port. Newly optimized easy plug-in design with style: Slim enough for travel, classy enough for every public socket. Flaunt your power!

Here's what's new:

  • More Power: 5A total (+10% more than previous version)
  • Optimal charging speed: up to 2.4A per port (Auto Max Power™)
  • Already in? Easy plug-in design: New 4 simultaneous USB ports
  • Done charging? Quick charge check with soft LED status dots for each port
  • #ProtectYourHome: With overload and overheating protection on each port

Never forget your charger again.

The tizi Tankstelle mini belongs in every bag: it's tiny and weighs next to nothing. You won't even notice you have it until you need it! The tizi Tankstelle mini is a universal USB charging adapter perfect for travel. Use it in hotels, in the airport, or even for at home!

  • Tiny, ultra compact USB power adapter
  • One USB port (1A)
  • Suitable for all smartphones

Integrate USB charging ports in your furniture

The new tizi Tankstation 4x MEGA has 4 fast USB charging ports which can be integrated into desks and other furniture as a Toploader. Put an end to the disarray, and equip your furniture with 4 dynamic, convenient USB ports

  • Tables, desktops or office desk
  • Drawer, nightstand or sideboard
  • Cupboard, work disc or any other furniture

Now you can park your charging cables in the drawer: the high quality tizi Tankstation 5x Mega charges five USB devices simultaneously with optimal power. It doesn’t matter which “pump” you choose: The Auto Max Power-Technology dynamically determines what level of power is needed for each USB port. (up to 2.4A).

Sorry, currently sold out

Flippin' amazing

Long or short: tizi flip always fits

tizi flip has a reversible USB connector. Choose from the long cable (90 cm / 35 inches), or the short cable (10 cm / 4 inches). Easily charge your iPhone on the go with the tizi Tankstelle or the tizi Flachmann in your jean’s pocket. tizi flip uses the patented Flip-Technology and is officially certified by Apple.

tizi Schlingel is our most clever little USB Lighting cable for the forgetful ones amongst us: attach the tizi Schlingel to a keychain, backpack, or suitcase. How practical! Both ends interlock, turning the Schlingel into a loop that can be attached to just about anything. The USB connector features our double-sided tizi flip USB cable.

Charge your gadgets at ÜBER-SPEED in your car

Do you live your life in the fast-lane? Then our tizi Turbolader USB gadgets are just what you need. Step on the gas and cruise the Autobahn of German engineered car chargers.

Jump-start help right out of the glove box

Extremely powerful, external battery with jump-start kit
The battery for today's lifestyle: The tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart, not only charges iPhones and tablets, it has so much power, it can bring you car’s dead battery back to life. A brilliant life-hack: Just clip on the included jumper leads, charge, and start! Read why it’s better to “refresh” a car battery than to jump start it.

  • Ultra-Power: 44.4 Wh – charge an iPhone 6s up to 5 times
  • Emergency jumper kit: recharge your car’s battery
  • Mobile ready: Sleek aluminium body, mesh travel bag
  • LED torch with SOS function
  • Charge 2 gadgets (1x High Power, 1x Standard Speed)

Be prepared for looks of envy

Still searching for that perfect battery for your new iPhone 7? The super light tizi Flachmann ULTRA has arrived. The new Flachmann ULTRA is actually sexy and fits weightlessly into any jacket, jeans, or shirt pocket.

  • ULTRA-stylish: high quality alu-finish in Monza Red
  • Aero-design: only 6.7mm thin
  • Cool lifehack: integrated Lightning cable

24h-Power-Guarantee: 3200 mAh; Completely charge your iPhone 1.5x. Certified safe accessory: Made for iPod & iPhone

Power is an understatement

Stay connected no matter where you are. Never let a weak battery stop you!

  • thin for shirt and jeans pockets (only 8mm thin)
  • lighter than every iPhone (only 109 grams)
  • fully charges iPhone up to 2x (14.9 Wh)
  • compatible with every USB chargeable device
  • includes a short micro USB charging cable

Power has never been so light

The new, ultra slim, tizi Flachmann Express, recharges up to 2 smartphones. Your mobile charger must be jealous, because it doesn’t get any better or faster than this. The pocket friendly tizi Flachmann Express actually delivers on its promise of power.

  • #jeansgate –  Finally, a portable battery that doesn’t leave a bulge in your pocket
  • Express charge: Speed-detection thanks to Auto Max Power™
  • Cable in – charge! Auto Power-On directly on USB-Port
  • Double power backup: recharge smartphones up to 2x 

The ultra compact tizi Flachmann Express (10 x 68 x 120 mm) With 4000 mAh (up to 2.1A on USB port). Micro USB charging cable included in delivery.

This battery is definitely not a poser

When your iPhone or iPad’s batteries are weak, tizi Kraftprotz brings the muscle. With 37 Wh, it fully charges your iPhone up to 5x (depending on model); Your iPhone 6 / Plus or an iPad charges double as fast! tizi Kraftprotz - your power buddy for all gadgets.

  • Charge two devices simultaneously

  • Faster than conventional chargers: Quickly charge an iPad and iPhone 6 on the high power USB port (up to 2.4 A).

  • Perfect for all USB devices: Charge any device that can be charged via USB on a Mac or PC: Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, tizi, tizi Beat Bag, iPod, digital cameras, PSP, etc