USB-C PD charger - ideal for MacBook Pro

*when using an original Apple USB-C to Lightning cable

COMING SOON Your USB-C adapter - 100% optimized for your Apple devices

The tizi Tankstelle 60W is your ultimate USB high speed charger with Power Delivery; offering you full compatibility to Apple USB-C PD. Say goodbye to generic and risky charging devices. Get your hands on THE adapter for MacBook Pro, MacBook, iPad Pro and iPhone and charge all of your Apple devices at top speed. 100% USB-C Power Delivery with: MacBook Pro, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhone X and iPhone 8

  • Much better value than Apple's 61W USB adapter
  • Newest generation with AUTO MAX POWER+
  • Charge your iPhone X up to 70% in just 30 min*
  • Charges iPad Pro 2x faster* (than with the standard included adapter)
  • 1 USB-C-Port: USB type C cable required



NEW GENERATION Our best selling charging station, in its 5th generation. Get the original. The multiple port charging station offers 10% more power and  intelligent Auto Max Power™ charging technology on every USB port. Newly optimized easy plug-in design with style: Slim enough for travel, classy enough for every public socket. Flaunt your power!

  • More Power: 5A total (+10% more than previous version)
  • Optimal charging speed: up to 2.4A per port (Auto Max Power™)
  • Already in? Easy plug-in design: New 4 simultaneous USB ports
  • Done charging? Quick charge check with soft LED status dots for each port
  • #ProtectYourHome: With overload and overheating protection on each port

Honey, I shrunk the Tankstelle

NEW compact version of the premiered charging-bestseller tizi Tankstelle. Travel version with two powerful USB charging ports (total output 4A, 20W). Every port up to 2.4A output per port for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones. Replaces two chargers!

  • Compact travel design, fits in your hand luggage, only 76g light
  • Upgrade your appartment with super fast dual charging spots
  • Suitable for all smartphones, upgrade guest room, bedroom

The direct way to every gadget

The best selling tizi multi-port charger now available as tizi Tankstelle Eco with four USB charging ports directly on the front side. Perfect for travel and as convenient home charger for design fans. tizi Tankstelle Eco replaces 4 USB charging devices and gives you more space at your wall outlet – no matter if at home or while away.

  • Fastest USB charging speed: Up to 2.4A per port
  • Ergonomic speed plug USB-Port placements directly on the front side
  • Hand luggage suitable: rounded corners and weighs less than 100g


NEW Now with USB-C and 100% optimized for Apple devices. The new tizi Tankstelle 29W is fully compatible with Apple’s USB-C Power Delivery standard. Don’t put your device at risk with incompatible USB-C power supplies for Android. Get your compact, Apple-optimized 3-in-1 power adapter for iPad Pro, MacBook and iPhone today!

  • 100% future-proof: rely on USB-C Power Delivery
  • Save 33%: more affordable than Apple’s 29W power supply
  • 2-color LED to visually check fast-charging 
  • Latest generation with AUTO MAX POWER +
  • Charge your iPad Pro 20% faster than with the most powerful Apple 87W power adapter*
  • 1 USB-C port: USB-C cable required

Sorry, currently sold out

Apple device compatibility
Max. charging speed
in standby
Max. charging speed
in use
Fast-charging standards
Recommended cable
iPad Pro 12.9"

Charges the iPad Pro 12.9"
2x faster than Apple’s supplied adapter
iPad Pro 10.5"
MacBook 12"
MacBook Pro 13" (2016)

Display brightness 50%,
normal CPU-/GPU-usage
MacBook Pro 15" (2016)

Display brightness 50%,
normal CPU-/GPU-usage
iPad Pro 9.7", iPad & iPhone
 High Power
up to 2.4A

Sorry, currently sold out

Never forget your charger again

The tizi Tankstelle Eco (1 Port) belongs in every bag: it's tiny and weighs next to nothing. You won't even notice you have it until you need it! The tizi Tankstelle Eco (1 Port) is a universal USB charging adapter perfect for travel. Use it in hotels, in the airport, or even for at home!

  • Tiny, ultra compact USB power adapter
  • One USB port (1A)
  • Suitable for all smartphones