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tizi apps at a glance


Key features overview

  • Complete overview of TV program with Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Live Audience Numbers: Letting you know what’s popular
  • Miss something? Use Visual Timeline to rewind to exact scenes
  • Record shows easily

Edit and share clips

  • Live Editor: Edit even while the program is running
  • Easily remove commercials
  • Share clips via email, Vimeo, and AirDrop
  • Archive recordings in the universal MPEG-2 format


Live TV on your Mac with extra fun-factor

Got a box of videos?

  • Edit film clips without waiting
  • Play videos with resolution up to 740x576
  • Remove unwanted frames
  • 3 powerful editing modes

Finally safe on your Mac

  • Easy to view film archive
  • Export function for iMovie
  • Share clips directly via email, iMessage, and Vimeo
  • Save for the long term in MPEG format

Digitalize your analog films treasures onto your Mac

Rec 'n' Roll: Recording (only with tizi+ receiver)

  • Record live with the app
  • Record and store with tizi+ storage
  • Clearly arranged archive, easy to navigate
  • Enjoy recordings on your Mac with the free app


Mobile live TV with iPad, iPhone and iPod

Tv up close

  • Live Audience Numbers: know which programs are popular
  • Swipe, tap, and scroll o navigate and switch channels
  • Ideal viewing and use both in portrait or landscape

Never miss another show

  • Overview of TV program with Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Visual Timeshift: Use Visual Timeline to pause and rewind
  • Record shows easily

Intelligent search, great subtitles and info

  • Search for channels and reruns of your favorite shows
  • Watch TV & surf simultaneously with tizi @ Home-Mode
  • Subtitle, sport, and news ticker
  • Teletexts from original channels with Touch operation


tizi player app for Android

  • Free tizi player app for Android
  • For Android tablets and smartphones
  • Supports Android versions 2.3.3 and highet
  • Watch TV in portrait and landscape modes

note: A smartphone or tablet with a 1.2 GHz processor or faster is recommended

tizi Gadgets with your iPhone as remote control

  • Have access to all TV channels
  • Control Timeshift with your iPhone
  • Clear overview of all programs
  • Start TV recordings

tizi+ storage app (Mac)

  • Record with tizi and copy to Mac
  • Archive shows on Mac
  • Play tizi+ recordings directly on Mac without extra apps