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The innovative tizi Mac App is also the basis for the editing software from the tizi Video Recycler. With the incredibly clear Film Preview, you’re right in the picture. You can edit your analog video material live using the included innovative tools.

  • No waiting: Edit video while the Recycler runs in the background
  • Make clips: Turn the best moments into cool clips
  • Save it all: With the click of a button, you can record and save


Next level TV for Mac: tizi Mac App version 1.3

Performance, stability, and quality have all been optimized for the newest version of the tizi Mac App. Experience TV in a whole new way with the state of the art TV Mac App and the tizi for Mac USB TV receiver. Know what's on and what's hot by using the Live Audience Numbers. Have to see a scene again? No problem! Push pause and rewind in the Visual Timeline. You can even send that funny scene as a clip to your friends!  

tizi player app now available for Android

Enjoy TV on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, or on other Android devices with the new tizi player app for Android.

• Free tizi player app for Android
• For Android tablets and smartphones
• Support Android versions 2.3.3 and higher, incl. 4.1 "Jelly Bean"
• Watch TV in portrait and landscape modes
A smartphone or tablet with a 1.2 GHz processor or faster is recommended

Viewer Ratings by Channel

tizi can now tell you, in real-time, what percentage of tizi users are watching which channel. The most popular is marked with our gold badge so you know it's special. Plus you can sort your program list by ratings or channel order in both portrait and landscape mode. So if you've forgotten when the next football games are being shown our guess is you will see a lot of our users on that channel!

Sharp and Clear Subtitles

The new subtitles feature has been especially designed to appear on screen without the irritating black bars that you would normally associate with teletext1! You can even choose the font style that you like best. Sharp and crisp? Bold? Italic? One things for sure - pixelated text was SO last week.

Info Options

tizi intelligently offers up the pages that are available for each channel as you flick through them1: Subtitles, sports or news-ticker - if it's available, tizi will tell you. There's no need to find the right page for your subtitles each time you change channel. tizi will automagically show the right ones for you.

With just a tap: program your recordings

You can schedule your recordings easily with the tizi.tv app. Just tap on the the show you wish to record in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and mark it to be recorded. tizi+ will take care of the rest.

"X Factor" fan? - Schedule recordings manually

Sometimes it makes sense to to schedule your recordings without using the EPG.  This can be helpful for recording sports events or live shows. The tizi.tv app makes manual scheduling and recording as easy as pie.

"Good Night"-Recordings

Too tired to stay up and watch the rest of your show? Then turn off your iPad or iPhone and let tizi+ record the rest of your show. Hit record and tizi+ will record the rest of your show and automatically stop once it's over.

Control your recordings - Fast forward and rewind

With the tizi.tv app, you have control of all your recordings whether they are stored on your tizi+ storage, iPad, or iPhone. It's now much easier to fast forward or rewind while watching your shows, so you can quickly skip unwanted commercials or rewind to your favorite scenes.

Choose your storage

tizi+ gives you the option of storing your recordings on your tizi+, iPad, or iPhone. Storing your recordings on the tizi+ storage saves tons of space on your iPad or iPhone for your apps, photos, and more. Yet you still have access to your recordings while using your iPad or iPhone!

tizi+ Storage formatting

The new  tizi+ receiver comes equipped with a memory slot. You can format the tizi+ storage (available separately) with the tizi.tv app to allow for hours of TV recording storage. The app shows you how much space you have left and  how many hours of recordings will fit.

Timeshift with Visual Timeline: Rewind with Preview

Take a break and pause the currently running TV show to watch it later2. To navigate back to a specific scene you can use Visual Timeline. tizi presents preview thumbnails of every scene. You're able to adjust the scale from 5 minutes down to 1 second.

Pause Live TV with intelligent Memory Management

Timeshift pauses live TV with a single tap. You can either play back later or jump to the live TV again. No matter where you've paused telly tizi starts playing back right away2.

Live TV and web browsing: Connect tizi to your Wi-Fi

Connecting tizi with your Wi-Fi at home means you can go online while watching TV. Check your emails, browse the web and watch TV with tizi, all at the same time. With tizi @ Home mode, your tizi connects to your Wi-Fi and sends the TV signal through your network. How to set up tizi @ Home:

  1. When connected to your tizi, start the tizi app and switch to "Settings"
  2. Tap the name of your tizi in the "My tizi" field
  3. Now tap on Mode and you can activate "tizi @ Home"
  4. Choose your network, type in your Wi-Fi password and tap "Save"
  5. Leave the settings via the back arrow

tizi will then reboot and connect to your Wi-Fi network. Connect your iPad to your home Wi-Fi as well and now you can watch TV while surfing the web at the same time.
P.S Once you've set up tizi @ Home, your tizi will automatically switch to the correct mode - TV hotspot on the go and tizi @ Home when you're - at home!

Fast Channel Switch

tizi.tv 2 makes switching channels even faster. And to make it easier to jump between shows, when switching back to a channel that you've already been on, tizi remembers the last scene on screen.

More Performance

tizi benefits brilliantly from the Dual Core processor used in the new iPad, iPad 2 & iPhone 4S. Even users of earlier iPad, iPhone and iPod touch5 can enjoy TV on their favorite iOS devices.

Intelligent Channel Sorting

tizi puts TV stations on top of your list and radio stations at the end. So that it's easier for you to find the right stations.

Smart Location: Find TV Stations faster

tizi finds your local TV stations up to 4x faster than other conventional solutions. tizi uses the GPS position to search for the stations broadcasted in your area. Plus you can now save multiple channel lists, for different locations, on your tizi device and share them between iPhone and iPad - without starting a new channel search.

tizi Remote: control tizi with your iPhone

Sit back in your recliner, grab your iPhone, and zap away. Take full control of your tizi using your iPhone as a remote control for your iPad! 
You can flip through channels, pause live TV (Timeshift), and record your favorite shows. And all that from the comfort of your couch! 

tizi Remote displays all of the channels you can receive with your tizi on the iPad (DTT/TNT), and just like the tizi app, tizi Remote shows you the current program and upcoming shows - it's all there! 

You can connect the tizi Remote to your iPhone using the same Wi-Fi network tizi on your iPad is connected to. Sit back, relax, and enjoy mobile TV at its finest!

Still questions? Find answers in our FAQ section.


Intergrated Browser on the iPad

Watch TV and find all the info you need at the same time: With our built-in browser1 for the iPad you can swipe through teletext pages, navigate to links with just a tap, plus bookmark and share pages you visit. It even works as a normal web browser! So if you see something on an advert that you just have to buy, you can go straight to their website and order yourself one. On the other hand it also means you can go and check Facebook or your emails if you would rather not watch the ads!

Share your discoveries with friends

Found an interesting site on teletext1? Send it to your friends via email with just a tap and they can see the whole page as you see it. Super retro-style!

14 day TV Guide

tizi can now tell you what's coming up for an incredible 14 days! Which means you can now see shows up to 2 weeks in advance on the EPG. Meaning you can be so overly organised by searching for your favourite series, setting push notifications, marking repititons of X-Factor as favourites and, with tizi +, schedule recordings!

Repeats with just a tap

Are you an EastEnders junkie or do you regularly watch another show? With the tizi.tv app, you can see all repeats for every TV show. You can either be reminded by Push or you can go ahead and record them. A little hint: repeats shown at night often have shorter commercials.

Search for shows

The new tizi app allows you to search by show. Just type in which show you're looking for in the search field and tizi will note your last search, and show you the results.

Reminders via Push-Messages

Never miss another show. Let the new tizi.tv app remind you with a message, via Push, before the start of your show.

Up Next: Most watched

The two most important questions are easily answered at a glance.  What's on next and what's on primetime? The tizi.tv app has your back.  See it all, quick and easy.

Watching and knowing, what's on next

Watch TV and browse the TV schedule at the same time. Stay one step ahead of the game by not just knowing what's on now, but being prepared for the the next couple of days.

Total control in portrait or landscape

Turn it any way you want. Whether you enjoy watching TV in portrait or landscape, all functions work great either way on iPad as well as iPhone. Just tap on the bottom right corner and you'll see the familiar Now & Next  overview, the current show's progress, and you can set-up recordings and view the EPG. 


Recordings Back in Time

With Déjà Vu you can flick to a channel, pause it whenever you're watching and then rewind right to when you flicked to the channel. Meaning you can start recording right from the beginning2. tizi also intelligently stops your recording at the end of your live TV show. Plus it saves the original broadcasting time so you'll be able to jump to the right position.

Play recordings with QuickTime on Lion

OS X Lion user? After transferring your tizi recordings with iTunes to your Mac you'll be able to watch it in QuickTime (Lion) instantly – including trimming, uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Get an overview of what's coming up in the next days4. tizi provides you with a free-of-charge electronic program guide that comes over the air. Pinch the EPG view to zoom in, navigate to primetime with a single tap and jump to what's currently on.

Reminder and Notifications

Don't want to miss your favorite TV shows? Let tizi remind you on your iPad with a push notification right when the TV show begins.

Onscreen Overlay Controls

Control everything TV with the new tizi Onscreen Overlay Controls: Pause, rewind, recordings, Déjà Vu, volume, multiple audio tracks, live TV. Simply tap on the TV picture to bring the Controls to the front.

Improved Recordings

To simplify finding specific scenes in recordings tizi saves the original broadcasting time and displays it while scrolling in the Visual Timeline. While recording; tizi now cleverly stops you accidentally switching to another channel.

Improved User Interface

Control everything in portrait and landscape mode. It's never been as comfortable as watching telly while browsing through the TV shows of the upcoming days. tizi makes TV even more fun.

Save Energy with Sleep Timer

You want to doze off while watching? tizi has a built-in sleep timer to shut down after up to one hour. And you'll wake up without having to charge your iPad or iPhone. Isn't that comfortable?

Live TV with Superzoom

Pinch the TV picture or tap on the little two arrows of your Onscreen Controller to zoom the picture bigger. To scroll within details in superzoom mode you just have to use two fingers.

Crystal Clear Pictures and High Contrast

The picture quality of tizi.tv is better than of other comparable solutions, says "Digital Tested" (04/2011) leading German publication for digital TV enthusiasts. And you can choose between different interlace filters. tizi.tv is able to play multiple audio tracks and you can hook up your iPad to a beamer.

1Teletext, subtitles and the integrated browser are only available on the iPad.

Depends on the size of timeshift buffer (adjustable up to 5GB) and the available disc space on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

3 tizi @ Home works only with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz networks (802.11n must permit 802.11 b/g clients).

4  The number of days and presented show details in EPG may vary.

5  Supported devices are iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and iPod touch from 3. Gen. with 32GB or more.