tizi PowerSnack, tizi flip, tizi Turbolader 3x Mega and tizi Flachmann not included.

The tizi Tankstelle mini belongs in every bag: it's tiny and weighs next to nothing. You won't even notice you have it until you need it! The tizi Tankstelle mini is a universal USB charging adapter perfect for travel. Use it in hotels, in the airport, or even for at home!

  • Tiny, ultra compact USB power adapter
  • One USB port (1A)
  • Suitable for all smartphones


The highly flexible retractable antenna makes it easy to watch TV from home. In areas where DTT reception is weaker, the tizi Aerial Adapter gives you the possibility to hook up your tizi to a roof or external antenna (IEC) for improved reception.


With a second original tizi battery, you'll be prepared for the next movie marathon by extending your viewing time by up to 3.5 hours! That means up to 7 hours of live TV enjoyment on your iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, charge up the original tizi battery easily with the USB connector on your computer or with the original tizi power USB charger. You can keep tizi going all night long!

The tizi knubbi stand easily attaches to the back of your iPhone with a suction
cup to make the world's smallest flatscreen TV! It's hands free TV at it's best!

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The tizi Mini USB Cable is around 90cm long and works with your tizi or tizi+.
It is the perfect accessory for recording videos with your tizi+.
Just hook it up to the tizi power and switch to tizi @ Home mode.



The tizi bag protects your TV hotspot from unwanted scratches, bumps, and bruises. Whether on business travel or on holiday, you can keep your tizi safe and cozy in neoprene. The antenna can be pulled out and your tizi can be turned on and off through a marked area on the bag. So there's no need to undress your tizi in public.


Organization is half the battle. tizi Köfferchen takes care of the digital half…

  • Stylish: robust plastic shell with a shiny aluminum look
  • Best protection: soft interior with elastic net for accessories
  • Organized: wide zipper, easy to take with in any bag
  • Slim design: super compact and suited for travel
  • Hip: includes a hand and belt loop for easy transport

Do you have a tizi receiver or a tizi beat bag? Bring that tizi battery back to life in a jiffy.

  • Intelligent charging: sustainable rejuvenation for your battery
  • tizi battery optimized: short-circuit and overload proof
  • USB connection: use PC or mobile power supply
  • Slim fit design: super compact and suited for travel
  • tizi Original Accessories: 100% Made in Germany


Charge three USB gadgets at high speed in your car. Two turbos increase the charging boost: the Turbolader delivers exactly the same amount of power to your iPad or Samsung tablet as if they were plugged directly into the socket.

  • Quickly charge 3x USB-devices simultaneously (5.1A)
  • Double turbo: 2x high power (up to 2.1A) for iPads and Galaxy tablets
  • High quality aluminum design with a proper grip


With the tizi+ storage, you can carry your entire film library in the pocket of your favorite jeans. More than 10 hours of TV recordings fit onto a 16 GB tizi+ storage and more than 20 hours on the 32 GB tizi+ storage. You don't have a tizi+ DVR? Then hurry up and get with the programme!



Get the best reception possible with your tizi: on the window! With the tizi holder you can stick your tizi anywhere with a smooth surface. The double suction cup holds your tizi securely in place. Attach it to your windscreen or a hotel window and enjoy mobile TV, even in regions with poor DTT reception.


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