tizi for Mac (DVB-C)
Digital Cable TV (DVB-C) on your Mac in HD quality. More info
tizi for Mac (DTT)
Watch live over-the-air digital TV (DTT) on your Mac. More info
Mobile TV receiver and digital video recorder for your iPad & iPhone More info
TV hotspot for iPad, iPhone & Co. - Mobile TV (DVB-T) without cables. More info

Television on your Mac

What's inside?

tizi for Mac is a stylish little digital TV (DTT) receiver containing the newest generation of TV-chip as well as an innovative telescope antenna, with strong reception.

         What's in the box?
  • tizi for Mac (USB DTT receiver)
  • 2 telescope antennas
  • Antenna stand with 1,50 m extension cable
  • Rooftop antenna adapter (MCX to IEC)

Digital TV in HD quality with tizi for Mac (DVB-C)

The state-of-the-art TV chipset in tizi for Mac (DVB-C) delivers stunning HD digital cable TV. The slim and sleek USB TV tuner design looks great with today's Macs.

         What's in the box?
  • tizi for Mac (DVB-C) USB TV receiver
  • IEC MCX cable adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free tizi.tv App can be downloaded from www.tizi.tv/app

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TV with fun factor

With tizi, you never lose sight of what's on the telly. The live audience numbers indicate who's watching what, so you never miss the hottest shows. Have to see that scene again? No problem! Push pause and rewind in the Visual Timeline. Discover all of the fascinating features offered by the most modern TV app for the Mac.


Editing TV recordings has never been easier! Turn the best and most embarrassing moments into clips to share with friends, even while the show is still playing! Just click on the scissors symbol to open a world of editing features.

  • trim films to the perfect length
  • cut out commercials and adverts within seconds
  • spontaneously extract clips and share them via Mail, Vimeo, or iMessage


Scroll through the tastiest electronic program guide (EPG) and schedule your recordings with a simple click. The practical electronic program guide (EPG grid), is your machete through the thick jungle of channels. Find the hottest series instantly, and never miss another show!

Pocket DVR for iPad

The smallest DVR in the world - for iPad and iPhone

Never miss another show: tizi+ brings live mobile TV (DTT) to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and doubles as a digital video recorder (DVR).

Record independently from iPad and iPhone

tizi+  starts and stops TV recordings on its own, without having to be connected to an iPad or iPhone. Just schedule your recordings, close your iPad, and you're ready to go.

Schedule recordings with the touch of a finger.

Scheduling and recording your shows is still just as easy as it was with the familiar tizi app. Just tap on the title of the show in the electronic program guide (EPG) and mark it to be added the scheduled recordings.

Search for channels and repeats

Are you an EastEnders fan or do you enjoy other series? The tizi.tv app makes it super easy to find repeats of your favorite shows.  Just tap in the name, and tizi shows you every episode available.

tizi+ Kit: Mobile TV & DVR with Original tizi Accessories

We're offering tizi+  with Original tizi Accessories. This Kit includes everything you need for a first class user experience: you get the tizi+ receiver with DVR and tizi+ storage for 10 hours of TV recordings (16GB).



Record directly on tizi+ and save space on your iPad

tizi+  comes equipped with super fast flash storage: just put in a microSD card and you're ready to record up to 10 hours of TV on a 16 GB tizi+ storage, or more than 20 hours with  32 GB - so much TV and in original quality as well! No need to fill up the storage space on your iPad. This is TV freedom at its best.

Expand your recording capacity with tizi+ storage

The recording capacity of your tizi+ can be broadened with extra storage possibilities: tizi+ storage gives you more than 10 hours of TV recordings (16 GB) and for more than 20 hours, there is the option of 32 GB.

No extra costs or use of data plan

tizi+ transmits the TV signal via WLAN, without any need for internet connection1.  That way, your data plan remains undisturbed whether you're home or on the go. There's also no need for cables or adapters.  

At home with WLAN or on the go as a Hotspot

tizi+ can connect using your WLAN so you can watch TV and surf the net at the same time. When you're out and about, tizi+ becomes its own Hotspot so you never need to schlep around cables or adapters to enjoy mobile TV. 

Still questions? Find answers in our FAQ section.

Mobile TV for your iPad

Stunning Design

tizi is available in black and white for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch – The glossy surface with silver frame fits well alongside Apple's own design style.

So light you won't know it's there

You will be amazed just how little tizi weighs. At only 2.5 ounces, tizi is perfect for your pocket or carry-on.

Quick Flip

For first-class reception tizi uses the latest state-of-the-art chip technology. Quick channel changes, crystal clear images and high reception quality make tizi one of the best TV DTT receivers.

Totally Wireless

tizi was designed for mobile use. Who needs extra cables and adapters? tizi streams live local TV to your iPad or iPhone via 802.11b/g Wi-Fi standard. You can set a password to protect your hotspot or even connect it with your local Wi-Fi network at home.

Which devices will work with tizi?

You can use tizi with iPad 2, iPad, iPhone (4S, 4, 3GS) running iOS 4 or higher and iPod touch (4th Gen and 3rd Gen with at least 32 GB). tizi even works with your Mac (Intel)2.

TV at-a-glance

In the tizi app you'll see all currently running shows and what's showing next. On the iPad you can view a currently airing show's progress. tizi can also pull additional program details from your DTT stream.

Click & Surf

How about checking emails and surfing the web during commercial breaks? You can do that and more over 3G even when you are connected to the tizi's WiFi network. With the new tizi @ Home feature of the latest tizi.tv app it's also possible to integrate tizi in your local Wi-Fi network.

What's in the box?

  • tizi – mobile TV-Hotspot (DVB-T/DTT) with integrated antenna
  • Instruction guide
  • Removable Li-Ion battery (3.7V 1050 mAh)
  • Mini-USB cable for charging
  • The tizi.tv app can be downloaded for free from the App Store
  • Once you've entered your tizi code you can also download a copy of our Mac software 'The Tube'

Still questions? Find answers in our FAQ section.


Latest Chip Technology

At the core of tizi is a high-performance ARM 9 RISC-Processor to decode the digital television signal. This and the interaction of all the internal components makes tizi the first and currently only TV hotspot for DVB-T.

Highly Flexible Antenna

As soon as you pull out the tizi highly flexible extendable antenna, you'll dig the design.  It was specially developed from a malleable metal alloy to improve reception.

Save Power

You can watch up to 3.5 hours of TV on a full tizi-battery. When it's time to recharge, just connect the provided USB cable to your laptop or iPhone charger. If you leave your tizi on, have no fear, power management is here to put your tizi to sleep.


tizi takes advantage of iOS's multitasking features. It's quite convenient during commercials, since the audio will keep on going so you can catch up on the news or play your favorite games, then get right back into the action after the commercial break. tizi supports multitasking on iPhone and iPad.

Sorry, currently sold out

2 The TV app The Tube is required to use  tizi with your Mac. tizi users can get The Tube for free with their tizi code under www.tizi.tv/app.


Which tizi are you?
tizi+ tizi tizimac
Quick Overview

Mobile TV-receiver and digital video recorder for your iPad, iPhone, iPod

The orignal mobile TV-Hotspot with no cables or adapters for iPad, iPhone or Kindle

Watch live TV via DTT or Digital Cable TV (DVB-C) on your Mac

Live TV for the iPhone and iPad ja ja ja
Which devices support tizi?
all iPads, iPhones from 3GS,
iPods from 3rd Gen.
all iPads, iPhones from 3GS,
iPods from 3rd Gen., Kindle Fire/Fire HD
all Macs (from OS X 10.7)
Can I record live TV? ja ja ja
Schedule recordings via the EPG ja
How long can I watch TV?
Up to 3.5 hours
with a replaceable battery
Up to 3.5 hours
with a replaceable battery
power supply via USB only
Store recordings with replacable tizi+ storage (16 or 32 GB) internal iPad storage
internal Mac harddrive
Can I watch TV over my Wi-Fi network? ja ja
Can I use tizi to watch TV on my Mac? ja ja
TV software tizi.tv App for iPad, iPhone and iPod  tizi.tv App for iPad, iPhone or iPod & Android
tizi.tv App for Mac
Reception via
Connection via
Sorry, currently sold out
   €39.99* (DVB-C)
for Mac
  €49.99* (DTT)
for Mac