This charging buddy will get you amped up!

You never know how important a Lightning cable is, until you forget it. This keychain charging cable will always be at your side. Open it with a twist of the protective aluminum cap and your lightning cable is ready to charge and sync - anywhere.

  • Super compact Lightning charging cable for your keychain
  • Official Made for iPhone accessory product
  • Extra sturdy: High quality workmanship for best charging speeds

Optimized for Speed-Charging

tizi Power Lanes are optimized for fast charging and designed with the latest Apple devices in mind. They're engineered using high-end copper braids, each made with 20 individual strands and wrapped in a highly-flexible, protective silicone chamber. 

No cable frays: The soft PVC coating offers secure insulation while also remaining highly flexible.

Don't flip out:
Abbracciare il cavo di ricarica con flip

La pratica clip di fissaggio

 tizi Schlingel è il cavo di ricarica micro USB tizi flip pensato per coloro che tendono a scordarsi di portarlo con sé.

Il connettore USB doppio tizi flip non ha una parte superiore ed una inferiore e si inserisce perciò sempre correttamente, a prescindere dal verso in cui lo si infila.

La pratica clip di fissaggio. Basta semplicemente agganciare le due estremità e chiuderle.

Cavo di ricarica per gli smemorati

tizi Schlingel è il piccolo cavo USB Lightning con tecnologia Flip utile soprattutto alle persone più smemorate: grazie al suo design "a cerchio", basta attaccarlo al portachiavi, allo zaino, alla borsa o alla valigia per utilizzarlo rapidamente e per non dimenticarlo da nessuna parte.

tizi Schlingel con tecnologia Flip: Non importa da quale lato lo colleghi, lui si adatta sempre!

Many USB cables suffer from being twisted and tangled, sometimes having to be flipped over multiple times until they finally fit. Some cables are too long, while others are much too short.

The newest addition to equinux’s tizi Flip family of cables is the solution to this predicament. tizi Flip cables are now available in a variety of colors and lengths, from 4 inches to 9.8 feet (3 meters) - ideal for all aspects of daily life.

Great for on the go with an external battery

There are situations when a long cable is just too long. For example, when charging your iPhone with the tizi Flachmann or with the tizi Kraftprotz. Sometimes shorter is better.

Perfect for in the car

Is 4 inches not enough for you? Just want to lay your iPhone on the dashboard while it’s plugged into the tizi Turbolader? Then give the 12 inch cable a try!

No more cable chaos on the desk

The tizi Tankstation and the tizi Tankstelle are the perfect solutions for the mess of cables and chargers on your desk. With the fitting tizi Flip 20 inch cable, the disarray will disappear. Choose from 4 cool colors.

The classic for everyday life

Not too short, not too long - it’s just right. The classic 35 inch tizi Flip cable, no matter how you turn it, tizi Flip always fits! Works great with the universal tizi Tankstation.

When it takes a little longer

On a road trip with the family when suddenly the two batteries in the backseat die? Don’t worry mom and dad. The 6.5 foot tizi Flip cable reaches from tizi Turbolader on the middle console to the kids in the backseat. Even in a mini-van.

Maximum freedom

Those who need their freedom, need a lot of leeway. Enjoy surfing in bed? No problem. Plug your iPad into the Tankstelle with the extremely long, 9.8 foot tizi Flip cable. Sometimes, size really does matter.

Cable chaos be gone!

No more cable chaos: We're un-doing the knots What's the point of a nifty USB charging station when the cables from your iPhone and iPad constantly get all tangled up? It sure doesn't look so pretty right now, does it? We have a solution for you...a so-called plot, without the twist! The tizi Knubbi brings order into your lifestyle. It's easy to stick onto almost any surface and allows you to snap your cables into 2 notches, creating a beautiful, organised network of cables.

  • Multipack: 6 Knubbis in one box
  • Perfect for tizi Flip: Fits cables from 3mm to 7mm in size
  • Double the holdEach Knubbi comes with 2 holder notches