Power meets style

Special Edition: Only available for a limited time! Unleash your charging adrenaline: the award-winning tizi Turbolader car charger is now available in a luxurious Premium Edition. The stylish matte-black design and high-precision full metal finish house a high-performance chipset, boasting 7,2A and 36W – your black iPhone 7 can hardly wait.

Full Metal design:
Precision-engineered aluminum body and charging head.
Elegant style: Matte-black body with chrome trim
Shock-absorbing design: extra secure plug mechanism
Power-transmission boost: 
optimized mass-spring system
Works with truck and boats: Supports 12V and 24V systems

The elegant 2-seater in Rose Gold

Looking to charge as you drive? The tizi Turbolader 2x MEGA charges smartphones and tablets up to 3x faster than the leading, integrated USB ports in cars, so you can arrive at work fully charged and ready to go! Even if you're driving with a running navigation app, your iPhone still charges!

Double power: 2 fast USB ports (2.4A per port, max. 4.8A)
Intelligent charging: Auto Max Power Technology
Design: Elegant aluminum head in Rose Gold

Cool style - Turbo carica tuo per pozzetto

tizi Turboloader 3x Mega introduce tre nuove innovazioni tecniche: Ricarica veloce (fino a 2.4A) di 3 dispositivi contemporaneamente.

La tecnologia tizi Auto Max Power offre una maggiore flessibilità ai tuoi dispositivi mobile: con Turboloader 3x Mega, infatti, l'iPhone 6 o l'iPhone 6 Plus si ricaricano due volte più velocemente rispetto al cavo di ricarica standard fornito da Apple.
Multi-power: Con 3 porte USB per ricaricare in maniera veloce 3 dispositivi contemporaneamente (fino a 2,4A)
Intelligente: Riconoscere la velocità di ricarica ottima per ogni dispositivo
Stylish design: Design in alluminio perfettamente aderente alla presa accendisigari dell'automobile

Dispositivi di carica - Stile di autostrada

Caricabatterie Auto Max Power (48 Watt) con 4 USB per l'accendisigari in auto per ricaricare rapidamente e in modo accurato efficienti dispositivi.

4X Power: 4 ultra veloce ricarica porte (2. 4 a ogni porta, totale: 9, 6a)
Assistente di ricarica intelligente: Tecnologia tizi Auto Max Power™
Perfetto raffreddamento grazie al corpo di raffreddamento di alluminio di grandi dimensioni

Power as never seen before

A technical vision which you can actually buy: With the tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA, you’ll get the most out of your cigarette lighter socket, with 60 watts of unprecedented power for up to 5 of your favorite USB devices. It’s currently, the most powerful USB charger on the market with a total of 12A power. Charge 5 iPads in your car, as fast as if they were plugged into the wall at home!

Highest possible charging power on 5 USB ports (max. 12A)
Intelligent engineering: Designed and optimized in Germany
Maximum speed on every port: Auto Max Power Technology™

Compatto, intelligente, veloce - l'originale

tizi Turboloader è il pitstop ideale per le batterie deboli: 3 porte USB per ricaricare il tuo smartphone, il navigatore, la fotocamera digitale, GoPro o tablet alla massima velocità.

Double turbo: 2x high power (fino a 2.1A) per iPads e Galaxy Tabs
Carica 3 dispositivi USB: Allo stesso tempo e con velocità (5. 1A)
Alta qualità, durevole, design in alluminio perfettamente aderente alla presa accendisigari dell'automobile

tizi Flip charging cable - It always fits!

The tizi Flip USB charging cable always fits the first time you plug it in! Thanks to the double sided USB connector, you’ll never fumble again when plugging this Lightning cable into your iPhone.
Available in lengths ranging from 4 inches up to 10 feet (10 cm -3m). Backseat driver on the long haul - find the optimal cable length here.


Jump-start help right out of the glove box

Extremely powerful, external battery with jump-start kit
The battery for today's lifestyle: The tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart, not only charges iPhones and tablets, it has so much power, it can bring you car’s dead battery back to life. A brilliant life-hack: Just clip on the included jumper leads, charge, and start! Read why it’s better to “refresh” a car battery than to jump start it.

  • Ultra-Power: 44.4 Wh – charge an iPhone 6s up to 5 times
  • Emergency jumper kit: recharge your car’s battery
  • Mobile ready: Sleek aluminium body, mesh travel bag
  • LED torch with SOS function
  • Charge 2 gadgets (1x High Power, 1x Standard Speed)